Sima Patel applies Psychology to help you achieve

Helping individuals thrive and flourish unearths a great seam of potential. At The Wellbeing Practice, we apply proven psychology methods to help people overcome their limitations, address their concerns and play to their strengths.

Using gold standard assessments to support children and young people, we help them surmount learning, emotional and developmental challenges to achieve their full potential. We can offer the same support for adults of any age.

We also offer a range of coaching, development and consultancy services to individuals and businesses. Our programmes, developed from cutting edge empirical research, use psychology techniques that are focused on solutions and optimal human functioning, and promote well-being.

It’s powerful. And it works.

From children, parents, educators and students, to healthcare organisations and businesses looking to increase their employees' commitment and engagement - all will benefit from The Wellbeing Practice's simple yet effective strengths-based approach.



Our services include:

Learning Assessments
(age 6 – adult)

e.g. Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Giftedness, Disabled Student Allowance and many more

Strengths-based Coaching
(age 11 – adult)

helping young people and adults develop their confidence and their capabilities

Strengths-based Development
(age 16 – adult)

helping people work towards personal or organisational goals